Re: [gnome-network]Re: download manager


Il dom, 2003-09-21 alle 18:32, Rodrigo Moya ha scritto:
> Hi
> Ok, so there are 3 people trying an implementation of the download
> manager, and I am in the middle :-)
> So, please, have a discussion (on the list, please :-) to see what is
> wrong/good in current implementations (Manuel's downman), what we want
> and what we are going to do.
> I am myself only looking for the following:
> 	* basic functionality in libgnetwork
> 	* try to push that library to be used in other apps
> 	* have a nice GUI
> As you see, I ask very little :-) The Bonobo-based architecture plan
> seems good to me, and having the libgnetwork code be just a wrapper that
> accesses the Bonobo component, also looks good.
> Attached code is what Tapia has been doing. I haven't look at it much
> (sorry Tapia :-).
> cheers

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