Re: [gnome-network]gnome-network download manager

On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 22:41, Manuel Clos wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying again since last time I didn't got response about it.
> Has people looked at downman and considered it for inclusion in 
> gnome-network? If so, what are the problems?
> Downman is already working, so making it the base of gnome-network 
> download manager will mean that there will be a lot of time to implement 
> missing and desired features and stabilization.
> Downman consists of:
> 	- downmand: a daemon that takes care of downloading the files
how is it activated?

> 	- gdownman: the Gnome 2 GUI that lets you browse downloads, add, start, 
> stop, delete, ...
> 	- downman-gmonitor: a simple basket window where you can drop urls from 
> the browsers
> 	- downman: a simple command line utility to add downloads
> 	- downman-bonobo: it is in the works and will allow for other programs 
> to use downman trough a simple bonobo interface
the one you sent?

In this, I see the problem of not having the libgnetwork bit, which is
one of my priorities.

> Downman already can:
> 	- download from HTTP and FTP. But this is to change after moving to 
> gnome-vfs

> 	- basic things like adding a download, starting, _queuing_, stopping, 
> delete...
> 	- limit speed of the downloads
> 	- create different lists of downloads (projects) each with a different 
> target directory and properties
> 	- limit the simultaneous downloads on a project
> 	- limit speed of a project
> 	- do recursive downloads
> 	- limit the number of connections to a server
> I can't remember more right now, well, it also features a nice Gnome 2 
> GUI with progressbars and mime type icons :)
is all this easily available in a form that can be moved to its own
place and start being a library?

> I don't see why people want to reimplement this from scratch.
well, we dont want to implement it from scratch. I think its clear we
want a good architecture for this transfer stuff.

Yes, transfer, which I dont know if its taken into account in downman.
That is, is it "hard-coded" for downloads-only?


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