Re: [gnome-network]gnome-network download manager

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 22:41, Manuel Clos wrote:
Downman consists of:
	- downmand: a daemon that takes care of downloading the files

how is it activated?

Currently Gnome Download Manager activates/starts it if it can't connect to the daemon. I was thinking on moving this to utillib, so it will start automatically when a client first tries to acces it.

- downman-bonobo: it is in the works and will allow for other programs to use downman trough a simple bonobo interface

the one you sent?

In this, I see the problem of not having the libgnetwork bit, which is
one of my priorities.

What do you mean?

- basic things like adding a download, starting, _queuing_, stopping, delete...
	- limit speed of the downloads
- create different lists of downloads (projects) each with a different target directory and properties
	- limit the simultaneous downloads on a project
	- limit speed of a project
	- do recursive downloads
	- limit the number of connections to a server

I can't remember more right now, well, it also features a nice Gnome 2 GUI with progressbars and mime type icons :)

is all this easily available in a form that can be moved to its own
place and start being a library?

Yes. The daemon has its own source directory. The clients each have its source directory. And clients only depend on utillib, where all functions needed for connecting, adding downloads and controlling them reside. Utillib is also a single source directory. The util lib is built and then clients link to it.

well, we dont want to implement it from scratch. I think its clear we
want a good architecture for this transfer stuff.

Yes, transfer, which I dont know if its taken into account in downman.
That is, is it "hard-coded" for downloads-only?

Umh, I don't know what you mean. Upload is like donwload, you write instead on reading. The different things are in the UI.

I was going to implement uploads later, and moving to gnome-vfs will make it far more easier. The daemon handles projects, and projects handle downloads. Downloads are GObjects with functions to manage them and signals that are catched by the project, so that it is easy to change bits from the download object without touching everything.

To sum up, there is no problem on having a upload or transfer class, they are just "items" in a list, so minimal modification is needed.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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