[gnome-network]GTransferManager Architecture


I've got the basics of The Project Formerly Known as Emphetamine (TM)
ported over to gnome-network. In the process of doing so, I've been
pondering about how things will need to interact together. And, I've
come to realize how painful it will be if the lowest common denominator
of a back-end is display-dependent. So, I think we may need something of
a "middle-man" to sit on top of the back-end, and then the front-ends
will talk to this middle-man, which will handle the necessary
display-dependent bits of the transfer manager, such as doing some of
the notification area interaction, popping up a file-selector if need
be, authentication dialogs, and similar other minor GUI tasks.

What do people think about this?

            +--> DISPLAY=:0.0 manager <--> DISPLAY=:0.0 front-end
back-end <--+
            +--> DISPLAY=:1.0 manager <--> DISPLAY=:1.0 front-end

This is basically how the interaction would probably go, between the
different processes. I'd like to get any potentially useful feedback,
before fully implementing all of this. So, let's have it. :)

-- dobey

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