[gnome-network]fitting downman inside gnome-network


downman is using gnome-vfs now and it works great. I just need to put dialogs in place for the regressions.

Projects, transfer speedlimit, project speedlimit, max simultaneous transfers, auto start transfers, queued transfers, everything is working with gnome-vfs (just the regresions I cited in a previous mail). Gnome Download Manager was not changed because it uses the client lib.

Thinking on Rodney's idea, and taking into account I still need to write the bonobo stuff for downman, what about this:

back-end: downman daemon
Rodney's middleman
front-end: gnome donwload manager
front-end: Rodney's dock

            +--> DISPLAY=:0.0 manager <--> DISPLAY=:0.0 front-end
back-end <--+
            +--> DISPLAY=:1.0 manager <--> DISPLAY=:1.0 front-end

What do you think?

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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