Re: [gnome-network]Multiple logins in the same machine

A subset of the applications having support does not indicate that the
entire system has support. gnome-session, for instance, handles it
badly. They "work" in the since that you log in, and actually get
Nautilus, whereas before, you did not get it. However, you also get
every other application that you are running on your other display, as

-- dobey

Il dom, 2003-09-28 alle 17:50, Manuel Clos ha scritto:
> Rodney Dawes wrote:
>  > What you don't seem to understand is that GNOME doesn't exactly handle
>  > either case. If you want to fix all of GNOME to support multiple display
>  > logins and nfs-mounted home directories properly, feel free. I am sure
>  > most people will accept patches for that.
> I asked Havoc about this. GConf is fixed and Nautilus should. Multiple 
> display logins in the same machine should work in Gnome 2.4.
> See you.

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