Re: [gnome-network] Re: new modules consensus

On Maw, 2004-08-17 at 17:13, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> > Lets start with an easy one. The traceroute parser assumes packets
> > follow a single path. Probably your network looks like that ? but
> > traceroutes can often look like this
> >
> Isn't it easier to just not rely on command line stuff ? It's not like  
> solaris has an 'ip' that looks like fedora's (or does it this days ?)

Tip of the iceberg ;) However its a good basis because the gtk bit
cannot be setuid so from a security model it is right. Maybe traceroute
hacked to output an XML report is the answer, maybe smarter parsing.

Some of the others like ifconfig/ip stuff can be done unprivileged,
while UDP portscanning is hard to do that way (and not portable)

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