Re: [gnome-network] Re: new modules consensus

On 2004.08.17 17:40, Alan Cox wrote:
On Maw, 2004-08-17 at 17:13, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> > Lets start with an easy one. The traceroute parser assumes packets
> > follow a single path. Probably your network looks like that ? but
> > traceroutes can often look like this
> >
> Isn't it easier to just not rely on command line stuff ? It's not like
> solaris has an 'ip' that looks like fedora's (or does it this days ?)

Tip of the iceberg ;) However its a good basis because the gtk bit
cannot be setuid so from a security model it is right. Maybe traceroute
hacked to output an XML report is the answer, maybe smarter parsing.

Some of the others like ifconfig/ip stuff can be done unprivileged,
while UDP portscanning is hard to do that way (and not portable)

Just use the normal "give me your root password or else!" gnome dialog. However that will prolly confuse most people :)

The 2 process idea is the best bet, specially considering i'd be willing to bet money someone has already written a trace route tool that will output (more) machine parseable output.

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