Re: [PATCH] GtkFileChooserDefault: Add/Remove bookmark button tweaking

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> writes:

> This patch does the following:
> - use GtkHButtonBox instead of GtkHBox for add/remove bookmark buttons,
> layout: end => don't expand add/remove

A HButtonBox is slightly more interesting, but it's not really what we
want here.  It would be really cool to write a custom widget here that
would shrink the buttons such that the minimum size is determined by the
icons, not the text (see #135910.)  Having the ButtonBox semantics might
make sense along with this.

> - swap add/remove order. HIG suggests to move most obvious action to the
> rightmost, which is adding a bookmark. Plus, this position is nearer to
> the right pane side, which it refers to role-wise.

I don't know if that applies here.  Seth seemed to like add/remove when
we designed the file selector.  You'll have to run it by him here.


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