GTK1 for Windows and CinePaint

Owen and Tor,

Hi. I just want to let you know that you seem to have been right from the
start about GTK1 for Windows, that it is simply too much work for me to
correct the problems there. I did learn a lot from working on it though. I
am discontinuing my GTK1 for Windows effort so I can devote more time to
CinePaint. GTK+OSX is expected to keep going because it seems to be nearing

I hope you won't be disappointed that I'm not moving toward GTK2. Upon the
results of further research into our project's particular needs the new plan
for CinePaint is to transition to FLTK.

Appreciate your past help and courtesy. Thanks for everything!

Robin Rowe MovieEditor com   Hollywood, California   Open source digital motion picture film software

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