Re: [PATCH] Transliterated Arabic Input Method


On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 17:45:44 +0700, Mohammad DAMT wrote:
> This patch provides a transliterated arabic input method.
> The transliteration rules partially based on

I shouldn't speak for Owen, but he has been reluctant to
accept new input methods lately. You might consider
gtk-im-extra (

> question: with current im engine, can I have a sequence that
> will produce 2 or more characters? For instance, I want the im to
> produce 0x0633 and 0x0651 when I have "GDK_s, GDK_s" sequence.

Not with GtkIMContextSimple. With GtkIMContext, you can do
most anything. 

I've used a fairly simple system a few times that allows
arbitrary keystrokes -> arbitrary string. See for instance*checkout*/gtk-im-extra/gtk-im-extra/src/imdevphon.c


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