Re: Reducing the weight of g_return_if_fail()


I don't know how G_LOG_DOMAIN is defined, but would moving it into the g_return_if_fail_internal function save another four bytes or so?

-- Steffen

Tim Janik wrote:

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, Owen Taylor wrote:

All the g_return_if_fail() statements tend to increase the size of
Glib, GTK+, etc, quite a bit.

The attached patch, changes the GCC branch of of the g_return_if_fail()
definition to:

- Removes the file/line information when we have __PRETTY_FUNC__; it's
  really just useless clutter for the common use of g_return_if_fail()
  to check assertions on entry

- Uses a helper function to avoid hardcoding the format string into
  every function

As an example of the how this helps:

libgobject gets 10% smaller (saves 20k out of 210k)
libgtk gets 4% smaller (saves 80k of 2.4M)

Which is a significant saving for such a tiny patch...

looks good and makes sense to me. i'd just not call it
g_return_failed_internal, that sounds as if a "return"
failed. what's bad about "g_return_if_fail_internal" ?



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