Re: Proposal: an addition to glib for getting the absolute path of the current binary.


Hongli Lai <h lai chello nl> writes:

> This *can't* be in a seperated library. We've developed BinReloc, a
> small library for relocation. We talked to the Gimp maintainer. He
> doesn't want to accept it unless it's in glib!

You slightly misunderstood me then. I said that it should be
considered to put the function that determines the full path to the
executed binary into glib. This function is platform-specific and
since glib does to some extent serve as a compatibility layer it would
probably fit well there. The platform-independent part can then go
into the application.  For GIMP it would probably be located in
libgimpbase/gimpenv.c where a similar function for win32 exists
already. Since it's our goal to remove all platform specific code from
GIMP, I would welcome to see this being abstracted into glib. A
prerequisite is of course that a simple and clean API can be found and
that there's a chance to implement it in a sane manner.


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