Re: GtkGrid design document

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 11:28 +0200, Lorenzo Gil Sanchez wrote:
> GtkGrid and GtkTreeView have both a GtkTreeModel as its data model.
I would like to ask about the possibility of moving the model stuff to
GLib. The reason for that is that some apps not using GTK do their own
data model stuff (like libgda, for instance), and then when you want to
use those models in a GTK app, you have to convert from the stock model
to GTK's. That's the case for libgnomedb, which has to convert the
libgda data models to GtkTreeModel's (fortunately, thanks to
GtkTreeModel's architecture, without duplication of data).

So, is it possible to do so? Or is the GtkTreeModel stuff too dependent
on the tree view widget?


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