Re: Some 2.6 thinking

Juhana said:


I would like to have an offscreen rendering of the GTK widgets.
User would define the fixed pixmap size and the widgets would
be rendered to that. Events would be delivered by API calls.
Possible applications: (1) GUI color enchangement for visually
impaired, (2) warped GUIs (fish-eye zoom, fun-looking GUIs), (3)
composed GUIs -- alpha channel and transparency could be included to
the rendering prior flattening to the screen.
Probably what you want is the COMPOSITE X extension, which is
available in the "modular" x server, and which will probably propagate out to the XORG foundation server before too long. For a lot of reasons, it's better to do this with server-side support as opposed to just rendering
widgets offscreen in the client library.

COMPOSITE allows all the X windows to be virtualized, i.e. kept in offscreen buffers, then a "compositing manager" takes those windows and puts them onscreen via whatever combinations it likes. It enables all sorts of on-the-fly changes to windows, like recoloring, rescaling, warping, etc. It also gives you alpha blending and RGBA x visuals.

The OpenGL stuff is in the pipeline too, from the X point of view. Check out

- Bill

I also would like to have such an OpenGL support that GTK could
have OpenGL based widgets. GTK's box layout hierarchy could
extend to OpenGL side (and be used optionally): e.g., OpenGL-area
could be spliced with the viewport frustums (pyramides).


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