Bind SDL to GTK+-2.0.

I and as I've heard, other people had a hard time integrating sdl in
gtk+-2.0. I've found a way to do it which is really ugly but works. I
think gtk+ can provide a signal after the call to XFlush is done. Anyway
I'd like people from gtk+ have a look at my example attach to tell me a
better way to do such update on the screen. Those of you who would like
to use sdl in gtk could also have a look at how I got it to work and
perhaps have a better idea than me. Thanks.
I'll be done with my stage in 2 days so write me to "kristian.benoit at"
Kristian Benoit
Stagiaire (generaliste Linux)
Matrox Electronics Ltd.
Email: kbenoit matrox com
Phone: (514) 822-6000 ext. 7206

Attachment: sdlgtk.tar.bz2
Description: application/bzip

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