Re: Backwards compatibility issues with GDK 2.4

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 18:24, Mike Hearn wrote:

> Thoughts? Please don't just say "the user should just recompile the app"
> or "they should use an RPM built for their distribution" - while this is
> one solution it's not the best from a usability perspective.

Well, it's the answer I'm going to give.

Trying to preserve the ability to compile against GTK+-2.4 then link
against GTK+-2.2 is basically a losing battle. E.g., this would  make
impossible the change I suggested recently for g_return_if_fail() that
saves 4% code size for GTK+.

And of course, it also breaks if symbol versioning is used in GTK+
or any underlying library.


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