Re: Backwards compatibility issues with GDK 2.4

Owen Taylor wrote:

Trying to preserve the ability to compile against GTK+-2.4 then link
against GTK+-2.2 is basically a losing battle. E.g., this would  make
impossible the change I suggested recently for g_return_if_fail() that
saves 4% code size for GTK+.

How about introducing a 'g_return_if_fail_compact' that uses your new and size-optimized version and leaving 'g_return_if_fail' as is? This would preserve compatibility between newer and existing versions and also allow an application to use g_return_if_fail in the old way with all the __FILE__ and __LINE__ macros available. Then g_return_if_fail_compact could even be more size-oprtimized by e.g. discarding the LOG_DOMAIN parameter.



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