Adding new image loader to gdk-pixbuf


I would like to add a new image loader to the gdk-pixbuf library. If I understood the documentation about the gdk-pixbuf module interface right, the only way to do this it to write a loadable module that contains code for recognizing the image format and reading/writing/etc. an image file. This module then has to be installed into a certain directory (normally libdir/gtk-2.0/version/loaders) and a module file has to be updated (normally libdir/gtk-2.0/version/loaders).

Is this the only way of adding a new image format?

Of course this solution is nice and code can be shared by other applications. Looking at examples in the gdk-pixbuf source I think I can implement this for the image format I am thinking of. The image file format I want to support is IFF/ILMB, a format that was/is used on Amiga OS, and is rarely if at all used on other plattforms (but there is ilbmtoppm under Unix, so it is not completely unknown).

If there is an API where I can register a new image format to the gdk-pixbuf library during runtime of my application then I would prefer this way (for now until there is enough request to make the new image loader public by including it in the gdk-pixbuf library). But there seems to be no such possibility, at least I haven't found anything in the docs and the source of gdk-pixbuf doesn't seem to provide a function either.

Any comments welcome,


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