Re: GtkAspectFrame fluff

I <drlion deepwood net> write:

> I searched the mailing list archives for prior discussion and all I
> found was [...]

All I found, that is, going to the gtk-list archives and choosing
``search all mailing lists''.  When I went to the gtk-devel-list
archives just to make sure I got the same results there, I was
surprised to get three times as many hits, again searching ``all
mailing lists''.

Here's another relevant mail from February 2001 [1]:

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

> Helmethead <hoshem mel comcen com au> writes:
> > I converted GtkAspectFrame to not use a frame, is this interesting
> > to anyone? :)
>  gtk_frame_set_shadow_type (GTK_FRAME (aspect_frame), GTK_SHADOW_NONE);
> Regards,
>                                         Owen

This is insufficient, since the frame will still draw some ``padding''
around the content, as determined by style->{x,y}thickness.

I don't know the intended semantics of GTK_SHADOW_NONE; perhaps the
fact that padding is added despite the shadow type being set to NONE
could be considered a bug?


Daniel Brockman
drlion deepwood net


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