FileRunner & X selection & GTK2

This is the code fragment from FileRunner:
proc GetFileListBoxSTRING_Selection {offset maxBytes } {
  global glob
  set l {}
  foreach inst {left right} {
    foreach sel [$glob(win,$inst).frame_listb.listbox1 curselection] {
#+ this is wrapped
      set l "$l $glob($inst,pwd)/[lindex [lindex $glob($inst,filelist)
$sel] 1]"
#- this is wrapped
  return [string range $l 1 $maxBytes]

When you select entry(ies) and then paste into
xterm,xemacs.., gcombust(GTK1), output is O.K.:
[encijan ~]$ /home/bob/bin/FileRunner/fr /home/bob/bin/FileRunner/fr.gif

 fr                         111583 040801 14:37:03 rwxr-xr-x bob/wheel
 fr.gif                       1237 991230 18:21:49 rw-r--r-- bob/wheel

It doesn't matter for the gnome-terminal or gedit, but when i want to paste something into mozilla mail, you can hear &*%#%$%$$^%$ from my mouth.

This is on Linux FC2, latest patches.

What's going on?
Probably it is GTK2 problem.
Does anybody have an explanation or solution?
It's so handy feature, but now ...

Best regards & TIA, Bob

 Bob Marcan, Consultant                mailto:bob marcan hermes-plus si
 S&T Hermes Plus d.d.                  tel:           +386 (1) 5895-300
 Slandrova ul. 2                       fax:           +386 (1) 5895-202
 1231 Ljubljana - Crnuce, Slovenia     url:

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