Re: GtkAspectFrame fluff

On Mon, 2004-08-02 at 08:33, Owen Taylor wrote:

> > Wouldn't it make sense to pull the aspect ratio logic out of
> > GtkAspectFrame and provide an aspect-ratio-preserving container that
> > does not try to draw labels or borders around your things, but just do
> > the aspect ratio part?
> Won't work. The aspect ratio has to be enforced on the child's size
> not the child size + the border size.
> [...]
> > I realize that the long-term goal is to build height-for-width layout
> > into the guts of GTK+, which would be awesome and probably render
> > irrelevant all that I've said so far.  Am I right in assuming that
> > such a thing would eliminate the need for Gtk*Aspect* anything?
> height-for-width would allow eliminating the excess space that
> GtkAspectFrame leaves around the widget in many cases, but you'd
> still need some widget to achieve the aspect-preserving behavior. 

Actually, I should revise those answers -- while they are true in
isolation, *if* you had height-for-width, then you could achieve the
effect of an GtkAspectFrame with a "GtkAspectBin" inside a normal


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