HIG API for GtkMessageDialog proposal. Take 2

Hi all,

Following some suggestions that Matthias made to me, I've made slight
changes to my proposed API, now it's mixed with the current API (i.e.:
instead of {primary,secondary}_markup() it uses _set_title_markup() and
_set_markup() ). You can see the current work in:


Here are some issues it could be worth to talk about:

- as in my last proposal, set_title_markup() sets the initial font style
for the title label and let the users use their own markup, and
_set_title_text() sets bold and larger fonts

- For consistency between all set() functions, the new format of the
_set_markup() function allows printf style parameters:

void gtk_message_dialog_set_markup (GtkMessageDialog *message_dialog,
                                    const gchar      *message_format,
                                    ...) G_GNUC_PRINTF (2, 3);

Unless I'm on crack, it should be backwards compatible with the current

Hope you like it :)


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