Re: Removing the "&build" from gtk+ in CVSROOT/modules

Tor Lillqvist wrote:

I think the build module can be dropped from gtk+, and then the build
subdirectory removed from SUBDIRS in gtk+'s It's enough
if "build" is included in glib.

(Do we want to keep "build" around at all? As it currently is in CVS,
it's quite out-of-date anyway, and it always needs heavy-handed local
editing. But apparently some people (well, at least Hans Breuer) do
use the stuff in there when building GLib, GTK etc with MSVC.)

I dare not munge with CVSROOT/modules myself, could somebody else with
more chutzpah please do it...

Maybe now would be a good time also to discuss to what degreee support
for building GLib and GTK with MSVC should be attempted to be kept?
Although I do use gcc and auto* 99.9% of the time myself, I do see
that being able to build with MSVC might have its points. Mainly as
3rd-party tools like Purify or BoundsChecker work much better (or even
only?) with MSVC-compiled code.

I hope it would be possible to continue supporting msvc. Also, I wonder if it is possible to get autotools working with msvc; removing the need for a second set of makefiles
as well as some of the extra added complexity.

It seems mozilla was successful in merging their makefiles into one set so, perhaps gtk+ can do something similar. Although, they don't appear to make use of automake, so perhaps it is not possible with automake. The main reason I started using msvc was to get gtk+ as small as possible for distribution in win32.


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