Re: Removing the "&build" from gtk+ in CVSROOT/modules

Todd Fisher writes:
 > I hope it would be possible to continue supporting msvc.

Well, if the level of support there has been upto now is enough, OK
with me... (I assume you have had to edit those files in glib/build
quite heavily? And also edit the makefile.msc files somewhat?)

 > I wonder if it is possible to get autotools working with msvc;

Getting autotools working with MSVC might be nice indeed. There is a
start at an attempt at a wrapper for cl that would integrate better
with typical Makefiles and be more easily used by libtool in
build/win32/cl-wrapper.c. I don't remember how far I got with
that. But, for most people one main reason to use MSVC presumably
would be its compilation speed, so using MSVC though libtool (which
runs slow as molasses on Win32) might be regarded as counter-productive...


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