Re: Removing the "&build" from gtk+ in CVSROOT/modules

On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 02:14:28AM +0000, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> Todd Fisher writes:
>  > I hope it would be possible to continue supporting msvc.
> Well, if the level of support there has been upto now is enough, OK
> with me... (I assume you have had to edit those files in glib/build
> quite heavily? And also edit the makefile.msc files somewhat?)
>  > I wonder if it is possible to get autotools working with msvc;
> Getting autotools working with MSVC might be nice indeed. There is a
> start at an attempt at a wrapper for cl that would integrate better
> with typical Makefiles and be more easily used by libtool in
> build/win32/cl-wrapper.c. I don't remember how far I got with
> that. But, for most people one main reason to use MSVC presumably
> would be its compilation speed, so using MSVC though libtool (which
> runs slow as molasses on Win32) might be regarded as counter-productive...

Yeah, for a project i work on, i really want a way
to write .sln files from automake's's.
(only a subset of automake that pertains to library
building need be emulated.)

from the command line, running 'devenv /build release gtk.sln'
would be nice and fast...

i hear there's an API for writing .sln files,
but parsing's is a pain, so this task is tough.

- dave

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