a question about gtkfontsel.c

Hi all:
I met some questions when I read the gdk.
It is from gtkfontsel.c

I've found that 'temp_info.family' has been allocated some memory
with g_strdup() and i can't  find where it was freed?

Is there anybody can tell me?

static void
gtk_font_selection_insert_font (GSList        *fontnames[],
    gint        *ntable,
    gchar        *fontname)
  FontInfo *table;
  FontInfo temp_info;
  temp_info.family = family_exists ? family : g_strdup(family);
  temp_info.foundry = foundry;
  temp_fontname = g_slist_prepend (NULL, fontname);
  if (*ntable > 1)
      upper = *ntable - 1;
      while (lower != upper)
   table[upper] = table[upper-1];
   fontnames[upper] = fontnames[upper-1];
  table[lower] = temp_info;
  fontnames[lower] = temp_fontname;

  i am victor,thank you! 11111

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