Dislocation of gtkimage.... :(

Hi, all...

    I tried to use GTK+ in my embedded system project, which uses a MIPS
CPU. It has a workable tiny X, and I have successfully cross-compiled gtk+
2.2.4 on it. Then I ported my existent x86 application to this platform,
something strange happens. All widgets on my application are posited by
GtkFixed. Any other widget are correctly posited, but gtkimage. all images
are located at upper-left most of the window and piled up.
    I have some experiences about GTK+ programming, but I didn't dig too
much into the "Internals of GTK+". So I don't have the knowledge about how
gtk widgets work, I just use it!
    Could someone give my some hints about it. Which layer may trigger this
kind of situation? Tiny X? GDK? GTK?

    Many thanks...

Mac Wang

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