glib 2.2.3/2.3.2 binary incompatibility

Hi Guys,

It appears that, at least in my linux-x-mingw32 binaries, the gobject dll created from glib 2.2.3 exported g_slist_remove_all (see gobject.def). Obviously this was a bug which has now been corrected in 2.3.2. The problem is that any programs which were built against glib 2.3.2 look for that symbol in the gobject dll and not in the glib dll. This causes them to fail to run if glib is upgraded.

Personally, I'm not bothered by this breakage since I have control over all installations which use my applications but this may not be true of everyone. It would also be useful to hear from anyone using a native build of win32 whether this problem affects them or not. I'm happy to file a bug if it's felt that this needs tracking.



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