Re: glib 2.2.3/2.3.2 binary incompatibility

J. Ali Harlow writes: (minor typo fixed, clarification added)

 > It appears that, at least in my linux-x-mingw32 binaries, the
 > gobject dll created from glib 2.2.3 exported g_slist_remove_all
 > (see gobject.def). Obviously this was a bug which has now been
 > corrected in 2.3.2. The problem is that any programs which were
 > built against glib 2.2.3 or earlier look for that symbol in the
 > gobject dll and not in the glib dll.  This causes them to fail to
 > run if glib (and the gobject DLL) is upgraded.

Ah, good catch. This is a problem. I guess we will have to keep the
export of g_slist_remove_all in gobject.def then? (With a comment
indicating that yes, it is known not to belong there, but has to, in
order not to break binary compatibility.)

 > I'm happy to file a bug if it's felt that this needs tracking.

Do that, so this issue won't be forgotten.


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