Re: gdk_draw_segments crash the application when called with more than 32767 segments.

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 03:05, David Odin wrote:

>   I hadn't any positive or negative response in more than two weeks.  Now
> this bug seems to have more interest.  I admit that this isn't a good
> method, but at least, now I am more confident this will be fixed soon.

It's a wonderful method of losing your CVS commit privileges anyways...

> >  - The patch patches the wrong file, since it is dealing with
> >    X11-specific limitations, it should be patching X specific files
> > 
>   Well spotted. See my new patch in bugzilla. But are you really sure
> this limitation isn't there in the others gdk backend?

If you want to check the other backends, that is fine, but assuming
that they have exactly the same limitations as X isn't. 

> >  - What's the interaction of XDrawSegments with, say, a XOR mode
> >    if the segments overlap? 
> > 
>   Do you really think this is a problem with that much segments anyway?
> Beside, apart from recoding the whole thing, I don't see how to solve
> this issue. And really, I don't think this will worth it.

I'd much rather leave the situation as "if you run over the limit,
you get an error", then "if you run over the limit, you get undefined
slightly wrong behavior"

And yes, it's as much an issue for 100k segments as it is for 100
segments. If someone is assuming that drawing the segments in XOR
mode twice leaves nothing, then breaking that will break their app.

> By the way, the man page says: "If lines intersect, the intersecting
> pixels are drawn multiple times.", so the XOR problem looks like a
> non-issue to me;

Well, good, but that research had to be done.


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