2.4 meeting summary (2004-02-23)

This is a summary of an IRC meeting that was held this afternoon with 
GTK+ team members and Mark McLoughlin as a representative of the GNOME
release team.

A complete log of the IRC conversation can be found at:


The WILL-FIX list

Over the last week, http://www.gtk.org/plan/2.4/willfix.html has pretty
much been finished. The only thing that isn't there yet is the
gtk+/gtk bugs, which Owen will finish doing tonight.

The list is pretty long, especially in the GLib and Pango sections,
but pretty much everything on it has patches.

Improving the release process

A big issue with the GTK+ release process now is that releases tend to
happen "when Owen has time", which can mean unnecessarily long delays.

After some discussion, what was agreed upon was that after 2.4.0
we'd start spreading the release load by having people volunteer
for individual release. (If we keep the regular meetings going,
that's probably a good place to have the volunteering go on.)

For 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.4.0 we'll keep the current system to avoid 

Federico also volunteered to do a last 2.2.x release since there is
apparently demand for one incorporating some of the fixes in CVS.

GtkFileChooser UI

The new GtkFileChooser UI design by Seth Nickell 
(http://www.gnome.org/~seth/filechooser-spec/) is pretty much in
place now and can be seen in CVS, though it apparently may take another
week or so to finish all the details.

With the new design, one API issue came up, which was that a new
API is needed for the save-as dropdown, though we could possibly
punt and just do that with the extra widget API for now.

Jonathan agreed to add some more user-friendly GtkFileChooser demos to 

Moving forward from here

The main task now seems to be handling the stuff on the willfix list.

Strategy is:

 - People pick bugs they are interested in and add comments
   to bugzilla saying they are working on them.
 - This will hopefully quickly reduce the set of will-fix bugs
   to something manageable.
 - If there are still too many issues next week, we'll assign 
   bugs to invididual people and punt the rest.

Other notes

* 2.3.. should be out by the end of the day tomorrow.

* Gtk multi-DND patch still is possibly outstanding. Federico to
  finish looking at that.

* Matthias said that he's a lot happier about GtkComboBox now that
  he discovered that most of the list-mode problems were due to
  a small bug that was keeping the pop-down arrow from showing up.

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