Re: File chooser API for formats in Save mode

On Monday 23 February 2004 23:18, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

> void gtk_file_chooser_add_save_format (GtkFileChooser *chooser,
> 				       gint            id,
> 				       const gchar    *name,
> 				       GdkPixbuf      *small_icon,
> 				       GdkPixbuf      *large_icon);

What about adding another 

                                        const gchar   *extension

argument? That way it would be possible for the file chooser to determine the 
file type from the filename that has been typed in if there is an extension.

Personally, I prefer to just type 'foo.png' to typing 'foo' and then selecting 
the file type from a combo box. Maybe that's not be what Joe User does, but 
it would be a nice feature for advanced users, wouldn't it? 


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