Re: File chooser API for formats in Save mode


Tim Müller <tim-mailinglists zen co uk> writes:

> What about adding another 
>                                         const gchar   *extension
> argument? That way it would be possible for the file chooser to
> determine the file type from the filename that has been typed in if
> there is an extension.
> Personally, I prefer to just type 'foo.png' to typing 'foo' and then
> selecting the file type from a combo box. Maybe that's not be what
> Joe User does, but it would be a nice feature for advanced users,
> wouldn't it?

Indeed. It would be a major regression if we had to drop this feature
from The GIMP. Actually it should be possible to type "foo.png" and
select TIFF from the combo box and have a TIFF saved named "foo.png".

I don't see why the file chooser should change the name of the file I
am saving. If I type "foo", I want the file to be named "foo". A file
selection dialog should not dare to add a file extension. The fact
that a file format can have multiple different extensions shows that
any attempt to automate the addition of the file extension is doomed
to fail.


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