Re: File chooser API for formats in Save mode

> Hi,
> Tim Müller <tim-mailinglists zen co uk> writes:
> > What about adding another 
> > 
> >                                         const gchar   *extension
> > 
> > argument? That way it would be possible for the file chooser to
> > determine the file type from the filename that has been typed in if
> > there is an extension.
> > 
> > Personally, I prefer to just type 'foo.png' to typing 'foo' and then
> > selecting the file type from a combo box. Maybe that's not be what
> > Joe User does, but it would be a nice feature for advanced users,
> > wouldn't it?
> Indeed. It would be a major regression if we had to drop this feature
> >from The GIMP. Actually it should be possible to type "foo.png" and
> select TIFF from the combo box and have a TIFF saved named "foo.png".
> I don't see why the file chooser should change the name of the file I
> am saving. If I type "foo", I want the file to be named "foo". A file
> selection dialog should not dare to add a file extension. The fact
> that a file format can have multiple different extensions shows that
> any attempt to automate the addition of the file extension is doomed
> to fail.

I have admittedly not looked at the API for this, but the way I 
understood the mockups is that the application gets back the unmodified 
filename and can obtain the selected file type. It is then free to do 
whatever it wants with these pieces: save in the selected format to
the selected filename, add a default extension, pop up annoying confirmation

dialogs if the specified extension is not the "correct" one, etc.

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