Re: File chooser API for formats in Save mode

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 18:18, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> void gtk_file_chooser_add_save_format (GtkFileChooser *chooser,
> 				       gint            id,
> 				       const gchar    *name,
> 				       GdkPixbuf      *small_icon,
> 				       GdkPixbuf      *large_icon);

This is the sort of function that always ends up having 
add_save_format_with_foo() to get more arguments - maybe varargs or a
struct would be a good idea, or perhaps it's overkill.

Shouldn't the icon be themeable...

> void gtk_file_chooser_remove_save_format (GtkFileChooser *chooser,
> 					  gint            id);

Maybe just use the name, instead of having an ID? Though I suppose name
is intended to be translated...

Perhaps use a MIME type string instead of an ID? Perhaps knowing the
MIME type is even useful somehow.

Hmm, with gnome-vfs can't you derive the name and icon from a MIME type
name (wouldn't you want to, rather than putting the icon in every app?)


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