Re: File Chooser UI Discussion [was: 2.4 meeting summary (2004-02-23)]

i assume (don't know, don't have a copy of the src, and bonsia is having
issues) that the open dialog has file types associated with it, as in it
normally will only show files of the type the application is looking for.
without the entry or some sort of type selection widget how would a user
select a file with a different extension or a file with no extension at all.

i realize this is a little late in the game to bring things up, but i haven't
seen mention of this (sort) of issue in the past. i apologize if it has been
thought of or discussed before. perhaps an expander similar to the "Browse for
other folders" on the save as dialog would provide an area for the text entry
and possibly a type selection option menu. if nothing else this would answer
everyone's complaint about not knowing ctrl-l exists. obviously this isn't as
much an issue if there's no filetype filtering for the widget.


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