Re: GtkFileSystem::insert_bookmarks change

At 21:54 27.02.04, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
Hi, Hans, Tor,

I made a little change to the ::add_bookmark() method in GtkFileSystem.
It is now called differently and adds an extra argument, to wit:

  gboolean (*insert_bookmark) (GtkFileSystem     *file_system,
                               const GtkFilePath *path,
                               gint               position,
                               GError           **error);

I'm adding support for reordering the bookmarks list with drag-and-drop,
so I need that change.
Required changes to gtkfilesystemwin32.c just commited.

I also noticed that the Win32 implementation of bookmarks doesn't
perform notification when the bookmarks list actually changes --- you
need to do this if the actual insert_bookmark or remove_bookmark
operations succeed; this way the file chooser implementation will know
when to re-read/redraw the bookmarks list.
Done, thanks.

[Also, isn't the idea to use the Win32 native bookmarks mechanism?  Does
the GtkFileSystem API with its insert_bookmark(fs, pathname, position)
and remove_bookmark(fs, pathname) let you do this easily?  I'm asking
about this because the API freeze is next Monday, so if this API doesn't
accomodate Win32 very well, we need to change it before that...]

If there ever will be a 'native' bookmark implementation I would expect the
ability to give them display names - as is common with any browser.

But as noted in my previous mail on the subject :
to me the benefit/effort ratio for an Internel Explorer links based implementation ('native win32?') is unacceptable low. This is not only the case because I avoid to use IE where ever possible, even its incarnation as local file manager ;-)


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