Re: GtkFileSystem::insert_bookmarks change

On Sat, 2004-02-28 at 08:55, Hans Breuer wrote:
> >I'm adding support for reordering the bookmarks list with drag-and-drop,
> >so I need that change.
> Required changes to gtkfilesystemwin32.c just commited.

Great, thanks!

> If there ever will be a 'native' bookmark implementation I would expect the
> ability to give them display names - as is common with any browser.

Do we really need that, though?  One would usually bookmark the main
folders for one's own projects, and I would expect people to give those
folders meaningful names.

The only case where I've wanted to have a displayed name for a bookmark
different from the folder name is for the "html" directory in my
/cvs/gtk+/docs/reference/gtk/html/ --- having an "html" item in the
bookmarks list is not very meaningful.  However, I fixed it easily by
creating a symlink in my ~ called "GTK+ API Docs", and adding a bookmark
to that.

> But as noted in my previous mail on the subject :
> to me the benefit/effort ratio for an Internel Explorer links based 
> implementation ('native win32?') is unacceptable low. This is not only the 
> case because I avoid to use IE where ever possible, even its incarnation as 
> local file manager ;-)

Well, it would be beneficial to the user for GTK+ to present the same
list of bookmarks as the ones that get shown in the stock Windows file
dialog.  I have absolutely no idea if this is too painful to do :)


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