Re: PATCH for tab-scrolling

Owen Taylor wrote:

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 22:48, Daniel Brockman wrote:

I cleaned up your patch a bit; hope you don't mind!  :-)
I'm new to this list too, so please forgive me (and educate me) if this
is not how it works.  For instance, I wasn't sure whether these things
are too trivial to mention, but decided to go ahead since I had already
modified the patch anyway -- in fact originally to see what a meta-patch
looked like.  :-)

Hey, Daniel, Gabriel,

* It would be best to get the patch into bugzilla; patches on the
 mailing list can easily get forgotten about.
OK, it's on bugzilla, at

* In general, the idea seems plausible to me. Do other toolkits / window systems support this?
I first found this in MiniT, a firefox extension, and in worspace switchers for XFce4 and KDE. QT doesn't support it, that should be easy if I take the time to checkout the source.

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