Re: Icon list implementation

> Some things still remain to be done, for example RTL support. 
> There are also a couple of other things, such as dnd and editing,
> but there's nothing stopping us from adding those things at a 
> later time.

Actually, RTL is already done. Try running

RTL=1 ./testiconlist

There is a number of smaller features to bring over from 
NautilusIconContainer, like compact layout and text besides icons, 
but I agree that these should not keep us from getting the icon list 
into GTK+. We really need api docs, though. I'm willing to work on
that after the widget is in GTK+.

+1 from me for moving this into GTK+ HEAD now, and a big thumbs up
to Anders for getting EggIconList converted to be model-view in a


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