Re: libgdiplus API and gdk

ROUGE Alain schrieb:
I've used gtkmm in the past.
I wrote the gdk example for gtkmm.
I've switched to mono and believe me I'll never return to C++.
System.Drawing is much much simpler and much powerful  than gdkmm.
winforms are completly buggy with mono. ok. we are going to rewrite them.
but you can use gtk#.
gtk# is really nicer than gtkmm. really. really.
and you can use system.drawing API (libgdiplus)  with gtk#.

Can you tell me more about gtk#'s answer to libsigc++2 ? I will never go below that (pygtk is ok as it also allows easy passing of user objects to signal handlers, so I suspect C# has this, too)

I've never seen a true application writen with gtkmm.

I have written _lots_ of applications with gtkmm. E.g. is one of the most complex. Whether these count as "true" in your eyes is a different story.

try to write a string on a drawing area with gtkmm. :-(

I never needed a drawing area ... grounding gnome canvas by cairo is a thing I look forward to (e.g. in gcompris).

C and C#.

I sincerly hope fears about Microsoft killing Mono by patents are purely imagination!

Please try to get less offending it will not help the subject. Your orignal post did not sound like you being intimate with gtk+ (having coded with gdkmm clearly counts) so I simply tried to give you more information.

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