Re: libgdiplus API and gdk

ROUGE Alain schrieb:
There are benefits for libgdiplus over cairo.

Cairo is a low level vector graphic lib. very good for low level rendering and printing.

Libgdiplus comes with many low level vector grahics function AND many hight level drawing primitives (brushes, images manipul ation, text rendering).

You can cut and paste very complicated graphics from Windows to Linux with libgdiplus-1.0.tar.gz .
you can do this only with openGL nowadays.

[I assume you mean you can cut and paste graphics _code_?]

If I read you correctly you propose to make gtk+ _depend_ on libgdiplus. I do not think that this will get many supporters if libgdiplus depends on anything else than cairo. [Besides that the API is controlled by Microsoft]

Defining an API which allows you to easily use gdi+ with gdk objects is a thing I'm all in favor of. So you can easily use gdi+ as a high level interface to gdk drawables (alternative to e.g. gnome canvas).

My feeling is that restricting to the high level interfaces svg-cairo and dia implement and offering gdi+ as an addon would be a more sensible way for gtk+.

I do not want to get into a flamewar concerning Mono/C# ...
I love cairo and I love gtkmm (even on Windows), I do not have anything against GDI+/C# - I simply do not want gtk+ to depend on it.

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