Re: libgdiplus API and gdk

ROUGE Alain wrote elsewhere:
> libgdiplus depends ONLY on cairo.

so gtk+ depending on it is fine with me, once there's wider interest in it.

If I guess correctly gtk+ exposing a cairo interface would already fit your needs to create a gdi+ context to draw into a gtk widget. Correct?

Of course I don't know how much the presence of gdi+ would make it easier to code new widgets (existing widgets would not need it since they are used to using a lower layer (gdk)). Since pango offers text shaping and cairo offers pixmaps, composition/transformation and geometric shapes I do not see much missing for writing a widget. [SVG perhaps]

ROUGE Alain schrieb:
I wrote : no true apps with gtkmm. except yours. that's right.

I'd love for somebody else proving you wrong :-S

gtkmm is a colossal effort with smarter people I've ever seen Murray C, Daniel E. but for me

I share your respect for Murray and Daniel.

hey sorry if I've  been unpolite in previous email.

<shaking hands>

thanks for your mails.

You're welcome.

PS: Did you not copy the list by intent? I find your answers interesting to other developers, too.

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