Re: Creating objects without deriving from GObject


Ryan McDougall <NQG24419 nifty com> writes:

> 	I am writing a tutorial on using Glib type system, and developing some
> simple software as I go. I would like to create class that has no need
> for GObject (reference counting, properties, etc.), however it appears
> from the documentation that this makes it a fundamental type.

You misunderstood the documentation then. I don't understand why you'd
not want to derive from GObject since that will make things a lot more
complex for you. However if you insist on it, your new type doesn't
necessarily need to be a fundamental type.

> Thanks for your help! As I said its for a tutorial, so answering me will
> mean answering a lot of people when I'm done.

I doubt that a tutorial that suggests to derive classes that are not
based on GObject will be helpful. I am afraid that it will lead to
quite some confusion instead.


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