Re: GTK+ 2.4.4 released

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 13:50 +0100, Bill Haneman wrote:

> Why didn't this release include a fix for accessibility bug 132847
> which was moved from the 2.4.2 to 2.4.4 milestone and which has had a
> patch for four months?  It's a high-priority bug for accessibility,
> which has made GNOME combo boxes inaccessible since gnome 2.6.0.
> 136637 nor Nor NEW gtk+ combobox Unable to get information from a
> GtkCellViewMenuItem  accessibility 

Uh, people haven't had time to work on these?

> 126295 nor Nor NEW gtk+ gtk No focus indication for empty GtkTreeView 
> accessibility, bugsquad, keynav, PATCH 

I'm working on this.  The patch is not really right (it doesn't make
sense to focus a scrolled window).

> 138085 nor Nor NEW gtk+ gtk cannot keynav to selectable labels 
> accessibility, keynav, PATCH 

> 144405 nor Nor UNCO gtk+ GtkFileS incorrect accessible table names in
> file selection dialog  accessibility, PATCH 


This one is rather particular.  You initially reported it as #138736 in
April.  Then Padraig asked whether ATs are able to use the single
column's title as the object name, and he got no reply.

Later, in June, David reported the same bug as #144405, and Padraig
promptly submitted a patch.  I marked it as a duplicate of the previous
bug, but didn't have time to look at the patch until today.

The issue is not getting a reply for the first bug.

> 131226 nor Nor NEW gtk+ GtkTreeV Unable to select listview files with
> keyboard  accessibility, keynav, PATCH, usability 

I guess I'll work on this one soon.  This bug pisses me off.


It's pretty ridiculous to advertise a toolkit that supports accesibility
without having a full-time person dedicated to it.  We get a bunch of
a11y bugs from Sun (that's a good thing), and sporadic patches (that's
not so good).  But since we have no a11y experts in the GTK+ team, then
sometimes people don't know if a patch is really right.

Have you considered committing someone from Sun to work on GTK+'s a11y
close to full-time?



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