Re: GTK+ 2.4.4 released

Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> writes:

> <flame>
> It's pretty ridiculous to advertise a toolkit that supports accesibility
> without having a full-time person dedicated to it.  We get a bunch of
> a11y bugs from Sun (that's a good thing), and sporadic patches (that's
> not so good).  But since we have no a11y experts in the GTK+ team, then
> sometimes people don't know if a patch is really right.
> Have you considered committing someone from Sun to work on GTK+'s a11y
> close to full-time?
> </flame>

Actually, to be more productive, having people interested in A11Y show
up at the weekly GTK+ irc meetings would be useful.  They're currently
Monday at 5:00PM EST, though we're not wedded to that time.


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