Re: GTK+ 2.4.4 released

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 05:00, Bill Haneman wrote:

> Very few patches are accepted into gtk+ from the original patch
> submitters anyhow, the standard procedure seems to be for the gtk+ core
> team to rewrite them when they get time.  I don't think this is so much
> a quality issue as a maintainership-style issue.  It does however make
> things tough when the accessibility bugs/patches get put on the next
> milestone, then fail to get committed before the release (which has
> happenned several times in the GTK+ 2.4.X series).  The GtkCombo issue
> was, for instance, put on the 2.4.0 milestone, then 2.4.2, then 2.4.4,
> but still hasn't been committed.

This is just the way we use milestones. Bugs on the milestone x_y_z are
generally those that might be fixed in release x.y.z, not those that we
consider blockers for the release.


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