Re: glib.defs and gdk.defs

On Mon, 7 May 2001, Ariel Rios wrote:

> >
> > "Murray Cumming" <murrayc usa net> writes:
> > > Does anybody have a glib.defs and/or gdk.defs that they would like to
> > > provide for common use? Or can somebody suggest how I might generate them?
> > >
> >
> > There's an "" in gnome-python that works pretty well.
> I have a translator for the old defs file.
> STILL, I would urge the need to continue discussion on the defs
> file. Are only james and I interested in discussing forward the issue?

We should move on with reviewing the defs format.

Some things that might help are:
 - posting a summary of the changes that have been proposed (there hasn't
   been much/any complaints about them, so they will probably go in).

 - making a list of the various features in the defs format, and getting
   all the language binding authors to say which parts they would actually
   be using in their binding.  Putting this info together, we will have a
   better idea of what is actually useful in the defs format (and see if
   there is any dead wood).

Other things that might be useful are:
  - integrating proposed changes into specification
  - convert spec to docbook


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