Re: glib.defs and gdk.defs

>  - making a list of the various features in the defs format, and getting
>    all the language binding authors to say which parts they would actually
>    be using in their binding.  Putting this info together, we will have a
>    better idea of what is actually useful in the defs format (and see if
>    there is any dead wood).

I am not sure my defs file is current, but for the one I have I can tell
you what we are pulling straight from the perl code.  For gtkmmproc 3.0
which will build gtkmm-1.3, we use

used:  function, method, c-name, return-type, parameter, of-object,
       varargs, ;; (we parse the comments so that we don't need to lisp
       process the whole file for each source file)

ignored: object, enum, is-constructor-of, flags

(gtkmmproc 2.0 is a yacc/lex/C++/m4 monstrosity which did not use the 
defs file.)

I have a lisp to perl object tree extractor  (along with my
perl C++ code parser) for those interested.   By this point, I think I
have now master the weird art of fast parsers in perl. 


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